Manuel "Chach" Hernandez

Chach Hernandez



There's only a few number of people out there in the world that are recognizable by their unique first name; Elvis, Madonna, Pele... and then there's me, Chach. Unique: yes, famous: probably not, real name: definitely not. But if you must know my birth name is: Manuel Antonio Hernandez Sanchez Jr.

Apart from my fascination with growing facial hair, I enjoy the simple things in life. Having your face melted from a delicious shot of espresso, that moment when you lean back in your chair at the dinner table and realize that everyone is having a great time, receiving a hand written letter in the mail, riding your bike so early in the morning before there is anyone else out on the street.

If you made it this far on my profile I guess I can tell you that I'm also the video guy here at Showit.


Friday Night Lights
Mom's Enchiladas
My Iguana "Ralphie"
I like to ride my Bicycle
If you do not hope, you will not find what is beyond your hopes.
St. Clement of Alexandra

Manuel Antonio Sanchez Hernandez Jr.


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